I got flex

Wow, I guess putting KWZ in vintage pens ain’t a good idea, my paintbrush is still yellow after rinsing yesterday. Soaped it today. Damn.

Yeeeah, so I spent 400NT to wash a pen. It’s still fucking pink inside (heh), there’s still dust coming out, and just dipped in water when I asked if the cap was cleaned. Come on. It’s fucking filthy, might be slightly cleaner on the outside not so sure, but I kinda doubt it. UGH, it’s the most expensive of them all and I can’t get it going. Well, I could just ink it. Maybe go with red, then Kiri-same, then black cause it seems like I’m never getting it out.

Photo (DVD macro) – DELETER NEOPIKO-Line-3 Grey 003 + Watercolor on Moleskine Pocket Art Plus