chicken popcorn

Name card of the year. Yay!

Woohoo broke out a new Sepia 003, nipple nib nice and pointy. This is the main reason I got the Platinum Century #3776 UEF, yet here I am still drawing with liners. Haven’t got my hands on a good waterproof ink, speaking of which, I dumped the dokumentus, it had a strange greenish color in the converter and didn’t smell too nice. I did try mixing water, not that great, too bad. It’s filled with Super 5 frankfurt now, still spreads and feathers way too much on Rhodia.


Oh, oh, while considering what to draw, I came across my thesis. Dayyyyyy-yum, lol, I have to say, I don’t really remember the exact details. Shieeet. I made a teaser and had to dig out original just to refresh my memory. Flash’s brush does look kinda wonky but pretty good past me.


Scan + Photoshop – DELETER NEOPIKO-Line-3 Sepia + Watercolor on Canson 4x7cm